How to take care of Varicose Ulcer?

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How to take care of Varicose Ulcer?

Your health care provider will show you how to care for your wound. The basic instructions are:

  • Always keep the wound clean and bandaged to prevent infection.
  • Your provider will tell you how often you need to change the dressing.
  • Keep the dressing and the skin around it dry. Try not to get healthy tissue around the wound too wet. This can soften the health tissue, causing the wound to get bigger.
  • Before applying a dressing, cleanse the wound thoroughly according to your provider’s instructions.
  • Protect the skin around the wound by keeping it clean and moisturized.
  • You will wear a compression stocking or bandages over the dressing. Your provider will show you how to apply the bandages. To help treat a venous ulcer, blood flow to your legs needs to be improved.
  • Wear compression stockings or bandages every day as instructed. They help prevent blood from pooling, reduce swelling, help with healing, and reduce pain.
  • Put your feet above your heart as often as possible. For example, you can lie down with your feet propped up on pillows.
  • Take a walk or exercise every day. Being active helps improve blood flow.
  • Take medicines as directed to help with healing.If ulcers DO NOT heal well, your doctor may recommend Laser to improve blood flow through your veins.
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